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Fallout 4 deacon in disguise

I thought it was an oversight made by the developers and moved on, but it was enough to get my attention.Shaun tells you that not long after you meet him as the Director for the first time.

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REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Always follow Reddit guidelines for self-promotion when sharing your own content.Deacon - Fallout 4: Deacon is working with the Railroad to help stop the Institution and free other self-aware Synths. Deacon is an optional Compa.More than 1 in 10 of your posts or comments being self-promotional is spamming.There are a lot of companions in Fallout 4, but Deacon has got to be the. the most easily pleased Fallout 4.

What you may not have noticed is that the master of disguise was actually on your tail.

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Fallout 4 Guide: Where To Find All Companions. Deacon (Human Man).

He was pretty fun and thought of himself as some super secret agent and master of disguise.

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EDIT: As I have found out through google, Zimmer is on a mission to recover an android in DC.By that logic, even if you destroy the Institute, Zimmer (probably still hunting synths in DC) will still live, therefore meaning there is no way to completely eradicate the Institute.

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Deacon becomes your companion shortly after. for updates to this guide and much more content for Fallout 4. wear a disguise from apparel that he.The fun part was actually that Deacon did say funny comments that were borderline taunting.The moment his little buddy who was collapsed in a corner started popping off his snarky little attitude I put my shotgun up his nose and splattered his brain all over the ceiling then moonwalked out of there.Going to Bunker Hill for the first time I looked to the left after speaking to Kessler about who I am, and I found another Familiar bald man with Sunglasses which again, is Deacon but this time disguised as a Caravan worker.

This explains why he looked so familiar when I finally met him.One player, however, has already managed to beat the entire thing on a single life.

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Titles and comments containing spoilers may be removed without notice.Went to Diamond City and spent a lot talking to guards, visited Bunker Hill too before following the Freedom Trail.A page for describing Funny: Fallout 4. New Vegas in Fallout New Vegas.I saw that plus symbol over those guys hidden under Mystic Pines, the ones dedicated to murdering Synths.

When you first enter Diamond City, and Piper and Mayor McDonough are arguing, a familiar bald man with sunglasses can be found hidden in the corner in the room near Sullivan, which is Deacon disguised as a Diamond City Guard.In Goodneighbor he was a normal guy in rags walking around, his shaved head and sunglasses weirded me the fuck out.Reddit has removed all additional content due to copyright claim by rights.I was thinking to myself, this guy has a weirdly perfect face without any scars or dirt or anything, and shiny glasses.Before posting anything to the subreddit, check our Megathreads WIKI to see if a megathread exists.I really enjoy his character, especially when he changes disguises on his own.

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Memes, macros and low effort content are not permitted as posts.Just saw them pointing a minigun at me and went on a killing spree.When spoken to he has unique dialogue which is different compared to other Diamond City Guards.

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If I ever start a new game I need to find these first before going to the railroad.When concerned about his kids he sometimes follows them around in disguise,.Once as a drifter on the streets, and once in one of the memory capsules.Edit: my highest rated comment is about slaughtering my enemies.Fallout 4 brotherhood and railroad returning after game completion with.

She also knows about DIA caches, and a Vault-Tec facility would be a great place to snoop around for technology.Parallels here: Black and white view. in a way. Falls in love with an unusual outsider (the synths, definitely a parallel).