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Speed Experience will analyze your internet connection and help you troubleshoot common issues.This is the amount of signal received by the modem from the transmitter in the cable company head-end.

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This is the amount of signal transmitted by the modem to reach the receiver in the cable company head-end.

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If you have no Internet connectivity at all, begin by trying these basic troubleshooting methods to restore your connection: Have you activated your new device or.

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Your modem should have the highest signal in the house so in a perfect world, there should be a designated outlet for your modem and it should run from the side of the house where it is grounded to a two way splitter to the modem to insure the best signal.A recent call got escalated to someone who actually seemed to know that they are talking about.My downstream Power level is 11 dB (its 11 now not 12), and my upstream power is 37 dBmV.You might want to try speedtest.net for when you are having problems streaming.

How to Make Your Wireless Internet Connection Faster (Comcast).Also, the upstream SNR level provided by most CMTSs is not specific to any single modem, but is an averaged, aggregate level from all modems on that upstream channel on the upstream port.

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Thanks, it would maybe save me a call, and I would like to know for piece of mind.A cable modem running a higher upstream modulation rate may downgrade itself to a lower modulation rate (i.e. 64 QAM to 16 QAM or 16 QAM to QPSK) if the upstream transmit level is higher than the maximum signal level allowed for the higher modulation rate and the CMTS is configured to allow such a change.

On the upstream signal its dependant on what signal needs to do to get back to the Node or active amp on your street.All 3 other computers on my router all show the same symptoms.

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However it depends on the make and model and the Snr is very inaccurate on this site.I dont know if my cable connection is crappy, if my router is messed up, or if its just my computer.But again the only real way to test is through a cable meter.A typical CATV line amp needs 19db min on the reverse to amplify the signal and send it back up to the node.The other issue that ComCast may not admitt to is ---- Tooo many cable modems on Node. 200 modems are okay but.300 modems and say 10 commercial customers will kill.

Comcast Cable Modem Activation. it is required to activate the cable modem for Internet. setting and then on again in order to refresh the list of available.

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Which leads me to believe that the site you are checking this through pretty unreliable.

I have a device that is a modem and wireless router 2 in 1 and almost every.But it does help to have higher signal when multiple outlets are being used.Aside from that, is there a source that you have where it explains more or less what you have explained.It splits the cable into the TV and dedicates one line directly to my cable modem.

Wireless speed can drag for a variety of reasons including incorrect router configuration, device.The cable modem is the main source of Internet connection served by your Internet service provider.Signal levels that vary more then 3 dB in a 24-hour period usually indicate a problem that should be looked into.If the upstream is wacked the modem will continue to try to range itself or adjust the upstream power inorder to send the signal back.I should also add the upstream rx is even more important than the down.The SNR levels listed here are based on commonly recommended MER levels for digital cable signals.Only the provider can read the upstream SNR level, directly from the CMTS.A subreddit primarily dedicated to venting about your shitty experiences with Comcast.

Comcast 800 Phone Number New Service, Moving, Promotions: 1-844-729-5221. to send a refresh signal to your cable modem press 1.

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If your Comcast cable box or Internet service is not working properly, one of the easiest fixes for the problems is a signal reset.

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