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Comcast internet slows down at night

I have comcast. my internet slows down at night also. used to be good a few.First of all, there are no other real options for home internet service besides a real residential ISP.Yes, you share bandwidth with your neighbors, but the available bandwidth should be far in excess of what any one of you are permitted to use, and they should be managing things in such a way that there is enough excess bandwidth to accommodate average use while giving you what you are paying for.

How to Make Your Wireless Internet Connection Faster (Comcast). wiki How to Make Your Wireless Internet Connection Faster. programs can slow your system down.Expect them to have to make more than one visit to resolve this.Issue is that my speeds slow down terribly at night. Internet Support (Moderators:.Internet is super slow, then fast, then slow,. internet there are periods of extreme slowness followed by the speeds that they normally get with comcast (30mbps.Actually, before you turn up the heat on comcast, is it possible that there is something going on on your network during those hours that could be causing a problem.

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If you continue to experience slow speeds through your router but NOT.Four days ago, my Comcast cable internet service began slowing down in the evenings.Irate Comcast subscriber turns Raspberry Pi into a watchdog for slow Internet speeds One Comcast. down and 10mbps up. night when everyone was asleep.

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I had the same experience with Comcast as others here, you have to keep at it.

Is there any reason swapping out the modem or cable would work.They eventually came out and actually ran real tests and fixed it, but it was an irritating process.

I think you should adjust your assumptions, starting with the idea that it is inevitable or acceptable that cable internet constantly suffers significant slowdowns in the evenings.I called support last night and he had me go through the motions of unplugging and replugging my modem, resetting, and sending a refresh signal.My Comcast service was fixed on the fourth visit, when the older, more experienced guy finally replaced something in the box at the street.Anyone come home and fire-up an online backup, or leave bittorrent running, etc.It turned out that a booster in the alley had been mis-calibrated.

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Review about Comcast Internet from Miami,. they slow down the internet at night.With Comcast, if you get that kind of response from a rep, just hang up and call back and try again.Just keep calling and they will upgrade the service technician who responds. posted by raisingsand at 4:31 PM on December 1, 2013.DSL reports offers free smoke-ping monitoring with a registered (free) account.I Fixed the Internet Last Night 12. the only other option where we live is Comcast cable.However, my usual 25 Mbps has slowed to somewhere between 1 and 4 Mbps after 5 PM, with the occasional 20 (very rare).

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Comcast assigned me a concierge to oversee the issue and keep me updated on what was being done.

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Comcast signed an interconnection. the internet providers say they are not slowing down our.The solution that has worked well for me is to use OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment configure the QoS functionality with my upstream bandwidth, and enable it.Technology Computers Internet Why does my internet slow down at night.I know this is normal behavior for cable service, since bandwidth is.

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Does Comcast limit internet speeds at night. more people are logged in surfing porn and videos at night which slows the net down. Internet speed was.

I checked last night at 2 AM and it was clocking in at 50, which is what I pay for.If you want to collect more data in a systematic fashion, look into Smoke ping, it tracks latency, rather than overall bandwidth, but the two metrics are generally tightly related.

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But then they looked at my lines and said they were kind of crappy, so they ran all new lines from the street to my house (which is at least a 5 minute walk).

Internet is super slow, then fast, then slow, and so on