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Terminal sudo password

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Sudo without password on Ubuntu sudo visudo. What no password sudo gives to a desktop is that you can ease the burden of administration slightly.

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I enabled root user, and I can see the new password does work with the root user.

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Use your new password to log in as root from a terminal login prompt or with the su command.There is another app, called gksu-properties that you should run.It is highly recommended that GUI interfaces not be run as root. and alice is now allowed to run sudo, with the same rights, with her password.

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When I go to open Synaptic Package Manager, a window pops up asking for my administrative password.Type in terminal: sudo visuso Go to the end and add following like.

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A fun tweak in Linux terminal to sneer at users for incorrect passwords attempt with sudo.

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Run this code in your terminal followed by your password: sudo apt-get remove emergent Optional steps Ensure you have the correct video driver.A common misconception about sudo is that it is used solely to provide root permissions to an ordinary user.The password you use for sudo is the password of your own account, not the root account. sudo is used to grant you access to commands that need to be executed as root without giving you root access directly.

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Browse other questions tagged linux ubuntu root sudo or ask your own question.Sometimes you need to enter a password into the terminal, usually for sudo or su commands, which lets users execute a command with super user privileges.

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When you run a command using sudo in Linux, the Terminal prompts you to type in your password with no visual feedback as you type.

Reset root password or enable sudo on MacOS X Mavericks. up vote 2 down vote favorite. 1. you must give that user a password before using the sudo command.This is where your trouble lies as well - you were expecting gksudo.

The administrative password is the password of the user root.

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We have integrated phpmyadmin, webmin with file transfer and scripts for password, backup and update management. shell/terminal sudo chmod 400 "yourpemkeyname.pem".

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However you can try launching synaptic from terminal with sudo.To execute a sudo command in Terminal on your Mac, you must be logged with an administrator account that has a password.