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How to make a psn account on pc

I cant read german so was hoping there is a tutorial somewhere. Make a German psn account help.We suggest you to create your own security answer by clicking the blue-coloured link between the long boxes.No need for any Credit Cards, the reason is because only local Credit Cards are allowed.

PS3 How to make a modded account walktrough. Step1. Make email and psn(either on your phone,pc,tablet make sure ur on a private browser).You see, you need to repeat this Create-Account-procedure 4 times, one for US, one for UK, one for HK.But I suggest to give a clue about what region it is connected.Make the password all the same across all accounts so that you are convenient to remember it.After you have your own consoles, you will only need to log in into your account and download everything you have obtained before.For PSN gamers who liberated themselves from any regional border limit.How to use PS Vita with more than one PSN account. Can you load PSP games from your PS3 or PC to your Vita on a US PSN account.

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Payment with PayPal and Credit Card on PSN only works if your billing address is the same with the country you created the account with.

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But if you want to create another PSN accounts, you need to Sign Out and click Create Account again.

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Games are region free, but DLCs and game saves are locked into the same region with the game itself.Type in the password and check save password for conveniences.

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If you live in one of these four regions, you can use your own address.Wait for 5 seconds or click the link if the next page is not loading.

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So you can enter any address you like, or copy a hotel address from Google.You can only sign into one psn per user account you will have to make another user account.Do not share your account or any credential information related to it to anyone else.

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After choosing Create Account, write your email for JP PSN, input your birthdate, and choose Japan as your region.

However, you may assist your friend to register and get theirs.Online ID is strictly alphabets and numbers only, and only hyphens or underscores is permitted to separate words.

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