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Youtube blocked china

You probably already know that sites such as Facebook, Youtube or Google.com are blocked in China and that the only way to access them is with a VPN.It would have been back much later than this if censorship was the issue.Maybe there only facing techical problems and after a few hours it will get back to normal, it happened before.

I lost track of that one as well, so great to have one of them back for those warranted occasions.This morning I was informed that YouTube has been blocked in China.Turkey, Germany, Libya, Thailand, Turkmenistan, China, North Korea, Iran,.There are currently 93 Comments for Youtube blocked in China.It was introduced to me last year ago as such along with a warning of the possibility that using it could attract unwanted attention.

As the anniversary of the Tibet Riots near, reports are coming in that Youtube is Blocked in China.No matter where you registed your domain or your hosting, If you want to use ftp protocol in China, you need to regist in Chinese network association otherwise they will block your website for sure. above all apply to foreigners too.LOLOL I can see tons of porn sites with my connection but youtube is blocked.

China Blocks YouTube, Google Tries to Reinstate Access

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Last March, access to YouTube was blocked in China after images of riots in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa were posted to the site.

Mainland Chinese soft porn website 17da.com and overseas-hosted hard porn link site 17big.com seem to be open for business.Chinese censors blocked access to Twitter and other popular online services today, two days before the 20th anniversary of the crackdown on democracy protests in.But you can use a VPN service to bypass the Great Firewall of China and watch YouTube in China.They have too many problems in their country which they refuse to address.We have tested this URL for censorship by the Great Firewall of China since Fri, Feb 25, 2011.

YouTube access blocked in China, Google says - MarketWatch

But this is stolen cookies compared to shit Malaysia keeps pulling off.China has blocked the popular video-sharing Web site YouTube but did not offer a reason for the ban.So now I can write a post on Blogspot to complain about the Youtube block.Posted by Jeremy Goldkorn on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 11:49 PM.

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For the latest status of Youtube, please see the Net Nanny Follies category.They copy US websites then block the original or make it hard to access for a few months until people give up and use the Chinese one, thus making advertising revenues.

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Some speculate that officials could be upset about footage of Chinese soldiers beating Tibetans appearing on the site.Google said it did not know why the site had been blocked, but a.YouTube confirmed on Tuesday that its website was being blocked in China, although the California firm offered no explanation for why Chinese.

Next time China tries to block you from Youtube, get back in it and play them this song.

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YouTube was first blocked in China for several months from October 15, 2007 to March 22, 2008.Youtube is so deserved to be blocked in the mainland China, for it uses taiwanese flag as Chinese national flag on its Chinese website.You Tube video-sharing site has been blocked in China because of the videos posted on the sites.

My personal website is blocked in China. MakeUseOf.com is not.Hey guys, there is actually a nice little software (developed by a U.S. company) that makes getting around the GFW a cinch.

A tip on using the program: Normally the speed is very fast, and one can watch Youtube without any interruption.LIKE HELL imma paying for my internet connection and having to deal with this crap.

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