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How to master Android Voice Commands, beyond Google Now

In May, we launched Google Photos as the home for all your photos and videos. now is a great time to make the switch.Published on Mar 5, 2015 POSSIBLE FIX or workaround to the issue.

Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana: Which is best?

You can also view Sample Cards and configure them from the Google Now home.If the name appears once in your contact list, the app will simply initiate the call.Google introduced a new look to the Google home page in order to.

How to use Physical Home Button As Touch Key Samsung Galaxy S6,Galaxy S7 Edge.

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Unfortunately Google Search has Stopped Working - Google

You can save their address as a custom location in Google maps.

Also, you can install Google Now Launcher to be able to do it from your home screen without having to open the Google Search app.

Google Home: a speaker to finally take on the Amazon Echo

Belive me, there are millions of blind in the US that cannot use a phone with a glass face.

Tell them what to do, ask them questions, and have them answer immediately.Reminders can get even more sophisticated if you use geo-location.

Android Wear

Most of the commands below work worldwide, but many are not without their quirks, as you shall soon see.Sorry, I wrote that using angled brackets which I guess was translated into HTML when I posted.

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You probably also know you can ask Google Now questions, and most of the time, get answers.

Voice recognition is something we take for granted, and Siri, and all the awesome things it can do.I searched for the addresses on Maps then added the location from the actual map screen and not from settings.

Download Google Earth Pro for PC, Mac, or Linux