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With Unlocator you can watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world - follow our easy setup in minutes.He is dedicated to being the best and providing the highest quality at anything he does.I love Pandora and so far the service has enabled me to listen it on my tv by connecting to the PS3.

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We used a MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 for the bulk of our testing.

Essentially, these inaccuracies and glitches are small ones, which, more than anything, highlight the ongoing challenge of keeping documentation up to date and suitable for those of all skill levels.We also accessed a UK-based streaming media app whilst configured to a UK location, which worked with no problems.

However, beginners could still find themselves tripped up once or twice before they get the solution working.This produced the result above, with a download speed just below 7Mbps, which is standard for this testing location.Inability to disable the service without changing system settings.UnblockUs provides a VPN to unblock region-based restrictions on various internet.

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Non-traditional service approach that will exclude some potential customers.I had to deactivate IPv6 for now and waiting for a solution from Unblock US.Unblock VPN gives you access to all UK and US TV sites via our.

Actually, what I do get with Netflix is the screen minus any photos or video.The good news is that the Unblockus compatibility list is detailed and thorough, so you can ensure it meets your requirements before purchase.I have helped set this up on many friends PCs and they too all work perfectly.

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Our speeds were very slightly lower than on the Mac, but this is likely to be as much down to the quality of the iPhone Wi-Fi connection as any other factor.

We decided to spend a short time testing Unblockus on an iPhone to see how well it worked on a secondary device.About Us Advertise Your Company Charities We Support Media Disclaimer Privacy Policy.Unlocator is a DNS service, which allows you to use the streaming services you like regardless of your location.Watch UK channels like ITV, Channel 4, Sky GO, TVPlayer outside UK.First, we deactivated Unblockus (by switching our DNS servers to their original settings) and ran a benchmark speed test using the Speedtest.net website.Additionally, you can try Unlocator for free without the need for a credit card.

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Each of our servers allows us to unblock local content to be enjoyed.

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BBC iPlayer - How to Watch BBC iPlayer From Anywhere in the World.Keep in mind that these pages will not even load at all — but they still want screenshots of blank pages.Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK and most anywhere in the world with UnBlock US.You get access to the full Unlocator product with your free trial.

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Therefore streaming services will only see your local IPv6 and not work.

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The key point is that Unblockus does this very well, and certain users will be able to use it to access a wealth of international content from devices all over their home.They used to be great, really cool, everything working perfectly.Please delete the above comment as it is clearly from an idiot.I pay Netflix their 8.99 a month for the HD content so that will keep going up as the dollar slide.

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A month ago I had problem with Streaming content to Roku box.One word of caution, Unblock US does not provide full IPv6 support at the moment.

Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure online.If your provider forces you to use IPv6 or you have applications in your network that require IPv6, you may not be able to use Unblock US, as the IPv6 DNS Server from your provider will take precedent over your manual IPv4 DNS Servers.Streaming media quality was good, with minimal buffering when we tested streaming some content over an extended period.The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex.Next, we had to visit the Unblockus website on the iPhone and log in with the email address associated with our trial account.By using this website you accept the use of cookies - cookie policy. Ok.

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For the sake of attention to detail, we changed our location randomly to Sweden and performed a final test.They used to provide a great service but they completely failed after netflix blocking them.

Netflix is now the entire American collection (not my crappy Canadian version).They more then happy take my money for their Roku box ever though they knew I am out their service area. they wasted my time on the phone.At least be forthcoming in your attempts to drive more cuatomers away.It keeps dropping the connection and the station would appear unavailable or it would buffer forever.Just had to get on the LG and add the DNS servers, click the UK region on the ipad, and then restart both the router and the LG player so changes could take effect.I recently purchased a Grace Digital Internet Radio and thought that because this connects wirelessly to my router setup with Unblock-US settings, it should work.BBC iPlayer is free but only you can watch it if you are living in UK, but with unblock-us you can access a lot of channels on demand.DNS service unblocks restricted access to Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, Crackle, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox plus dozens more streaming channels.

Unlocator is not affiliated with or endorsed by any service mentioned on our site.This was impressive service, and reassuringly indicative of a company that takes customer support seriously.For me, Unblock-US is pretty easy to use and does the job with a fairly cheap price per month.