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I have contacted customer services several times including twice on the first day but still does not work.Servers are constantly down, every month several servers go down, sometimes for weeks.Yet another great improvement, since they only offered refunds for 3-days when they first launched.For those more concerned with gaming, or streaming movies and TV shows, NordVPN also has two Ultra fast TV servers located in the UK, and US, as well as a Netflix USA server that is often rotated when blocked.Overall, the security, bandwidth and support have been acceptable, just not the down time.

The review includes a detailed speed test with different VPN servers.This alone makes it one of the best VPN choices available for privacy fanatics.

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We found the same top tier service with hefty encryption and true logless policies.On the surface, it may sound confusing, but ultimately what it does is that it only utilizes the VPN encryption to connect to the proxy, but a direct connection between the proxy is made to any service of your choice, reducing speed loss.Technicians are stupid, could not even make the servers stable for a whole month.Worst VPN service ever, and believe me Im a costumer of 4 other vpn services.

NordVPN for Android is an excellent way to keep your mobile traffic secure, thanks to its friendly interface, many servers (including specialized servers.Pointing out again that one account allows up to 6 simultaneous connections, versus the previous limit of 2, the price plans now offered provide solid value per dollar spent.NordVPN offers military grade security and privacy on all your WiFi or data connections.

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Ten things you should know about troubleshooting VPN connections. then the most likely reason for failure to connect is a.

I mostly covered their specialized server offerings, but the client itself also has some merits.They have consistantly added new servers and i hope they continue and spread them around a bit and ensure the quality and privacy of them, yet to see any feedback about any vpn on how they ensure this whEn in different countries.

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Is it possible to auto-disconnect from NordVPN when using home connection. I have not seen a vpn that is smart enough.

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NordVPN is a robust VPN service with an excellent collection of features, all wrapped in a slick Windows client that can easily secure your online activities.

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NordVPN is a Panama based VPN provider that has now grown to be one of the biggest service providers available.They provided a lost of nodes close to me which will most likely give me a better performance.

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Save big on your NordVPN account, or enjoy a free trial offer.DNS leak protection is turned on by default, but users also have the option to use some advanced functions.Add to this the ability to pay in bitcoins and you can retain your own anonymity while using the service.On the other side of the coin, they cater to streaming and gaming audiences with the Smart-Play proxy option, or Ultra-Fast TV servers and Anti-DDoS protection.The simplest way to ensure your privacy and protect your connection from snooping.

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In tested a lot of different VPN services, because I need VPN for my work.

Using Smart-Play did not provide drastic improvement, but again, there was little to improve on as far as transfer speeds go.

But the computer interface for both windows and mac is easy to use with the saftey of a kill switch and face it all vpns have tecnical problems, so drop outs will happen at least your safe with nord.I considered NordVPN to be overpriced when I first reviewed them, but they have now become a very competitive vendor in the market.User satisfaction is now guaranteed with a 30-day no hassle refund.

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Finally, NordVPN also provides a Process kill list, which is simply a customizable killswitch.Now the speeds are great, netflix still works, I love the new Android app.My first VPN and I thought it was good.Speeds ok some connection issues.but not too bad.

More importantly, they have up-kept the network by increasing server count to over 500 now, and has helped maintain and improve service quality over time.Servers in Canada, Germany, and some other countries offer 1 Gbps lines on which I experienced consistently good service quality.

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In the past they had some problem, but their support always helped me and looks like most of them are resolved now.

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It takes couple of minutes to load pages and if disconnected it does not reconnect and you have to manually stop.The Kill switch is finally on Mac and the ap is great except for IOS 9 still not fixed.Any of these providers can be supported with our routers by selecting Other Provider on any product and entering the VPN service in the space that appears.I suppose overall security is not as strong, but a very good feature for some of the most popular reasons people use VPNs in the first place.

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It is not known if there was a loss of the authentication server that resulted in the issues or some sort of attack.I often end up wasting time trying to find a server with good speeds and stable connection.Read our NordVPN Review to find out why NordVPN worthy of protecting you online.