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Privacy zuckering

Privacy Implications of Windows 10. Now MS is applying Zuckering principals to change the privacy rules on the fly, taking more and more with every tweak.

Quote stuffing. v. Rapidly placing and canceling orders for stock shares in order to game the market.Dark Patterns Browse Library Bait and Switch Disguised Ads Faraway Bill Forced Continuity.Privacy policy.

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I love the 2D stuff. Privacy Zuckering. Reply. Yoshi April 2, 2012 at 1:50 pm.

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Worst practices on the web. Privacy Zuckering is a dark pattern implemented by Facebook to get users to share more about themselves than they would like to.

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If you need to deceive people to get them to agree, you are doing the wrong thing.

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Although the popularity of the suggestion shows how personal the need for privacy has become for many Facebook.Privacy Zuckering covers all the ways companies try and get you to share more about yourself.

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