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Wifi on ipad keeps disconnecting

It just randomly disconnects so i never know when its coming or how to ovoid it. the time it takes for it to reconnect varies. it can take from 2 minutes up to 30 which is when i get sick of it and shut down my entire computer leave it for about five minutes and then rebut it.So its not a bad router and its not the computer so what should I do.I have an internet connection that randomly drops and then kicks back on within 5 minutes from the original disconnect.This is much better than if I had connected wirelessly, but nevertheless, the connection is still not steady even in wired state.So basically, all you do is setup each of your devices to use dhcp and the router will take care of the everything else for you.I understand that I may not have been online at this location long enough to possibility experience the same issue on my laptop.It should automatically connect IF you have successfully connected in the past with this same laptop.

Xbox is usually connected directly to your TV as well and may be on your network hardwired but there is also a wireless option available for the Xbox that you may or may not have.They are fairly similar so you likely have a dsl modem (box 1) and then you have a dsl router (box 2).I think that this is a different issue, which we can look at later.The last issue that can be causing dropped connections is various settings on your router.After startup the BluRay media player finds all devices (I have three laptops, a desktop and a 5 slot USB extender.) and it will connect to any of them.If you were told by Talk-Talk to use static IP addressing, you may or may not be able to get on a public network.IPad Air, iOS 10.2 My iPad keeps disconnecting haphazard from my household wifi.In other words, it remembers every network you connect to successfully even the networks that are unsecured.If you are using dhcp, a lot of providers would give you IF you are NOT getting a number that starts with 192, your isp may be using a different range of numbers.

The idea being that when all is working as it should, when you turn on your laptop at home or wherever, the laptop will see the network and it will go look in the list of networks that Windows keeps to see if the network and password is there.However, which type of connection I used did not make any difference to how often the connection dropped.The Local Area Connection, connects back instantly and then my Wireless Network Connection disconnects, and reconnects back at the same speed.If you can stay connected there for 30 minutes or so, then nothing is wrong with your notebook but if you connection drops there, then you have a problem with the notebook or the network card itself.So, usually in the mornings, the Internet light is red (all other lights are green) and I have to reboot the routers.

My problem is that anytime I try to access the internet for an extensive period of time, it tends to disconnect.A month or so ago, the connection started dropping randomly, sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours, spent a lot of time on the phone to Virgin Media, replaced the wireless router, etc., still no better.Keep in mind that all wireless networks are much less secure than a hardwired network regardless of what type of security is used.Since the modem was replaced twice and still having problem, then we might need to replace a couple other things: rj11 from phone jack to the dsl modem and all dsl filters.I went to the Netgear website and found a page that steps you through the process of setting up your router for wireless use.You MUST login to the router to see what the encryption key is and enter it EXACTLY as it is named in the profile in the router as I mentioned in my original post.FIY, Windows tries to manage going back and forth between hardwired and wireless networks and usually does a decent job but it can also throw you a curve ball.So when the phone rings, both your phone and your wireless router are fighting for the same frequency (2.4ghz) and there usually is only one winner.

If you have vista, just substitute XP with Vista in your Google search.The next thing I would do would be to take your notebook to Starbucks or another location that has wireless and see how your notebook acts.Then try your wireless connection and it will probably come right up.To get started, you need to figure out the IP address of your router and use that to log in via a browser.Otherwise, call comcast back and have them give you the link for the firmware for the router and go back to the previous version that was working fine for you.The most common problems keeping them from connecting is the encryption key.I work tech support all day every day and have fixed wireless connectivity issues like this for hundreds of people.Be sure and stay there long enough to make sure it works for a reasonable length of time.What should I do if my Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and connecting.

Since your machine works and has been working probably even before your niece showed up, my thought would be that your PC is properly configured for your network and she is probably using a static ip address that is on her Mac.Rick, maybe this question helps: what does it mean when the internet light on my routers goes red whereas the ADSL light remains green and steady.See if it connects to the internet and make sure it will stay connected.I havce never worked with a static IP address and have confirmed this with my ISP.If the answer is yes, then something has changed to cause this problem to occur but if the answer is no, then we need to start from scratch.Fortunately, however, my problem did get fixed after 4 months of writing back and forth.I called comcast and they told me it was my router and the cable modem was fine.Based on your post, it sounds like you can connect and stay connected if you were a bit closer to the livebox but when you get up to your room, your connection drops.The DLINK SW application interface for the router is confusing.

Affiliate Disclosure: By buying the products we recommend, you help keep the lights on at MakeUseOf. Read more.I would definitely try a different phone jack as a good 1st step.Either way, if this occurs, your compaq still needs to be reconfigured properly and the tech support guys will know what to do to correct the problem if you do exactly what I suggest here and give them the outcome.

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Since it sounds like since you are having this problem with multiple devices, we can rule out the devices.

Since there are no standards, companies are not quite sure how to best build devices that work on a N network.Also, sometimes it justs disconnects even when my laptop is on and still connected to it.Not sure who your isp is but virtually all of them offer tech support to get you back up and running.The author of this blog obviously has no idea what he is talking about.My office WiFi runs all of our Apple devices but my new mini keeps loosing connection to my WiFi.If you know where to go on your iphone, you can take a look to make sure.Once you get the PC working on a consistent basis, you can use it to help you with the rest of the devices.ANY numbers that you see in these websites are just examples.

When a disconnect occurs, I can solve the issue only by switching off and back on the router, but on occasion I may have to do so several times in a row.I think my step mom has been turning it off during the day now.As far as router installations go, most are pretty much plug n play.If all goes well there, then its time to switch to wireless mode.I have a netgear rangemax wireless router connected to a cable modem.If you are like a lot of people, your best bet will be to google it.

The next time you boot up, the wireless card in your PC sees your network and looks for the configuration file for that network and it automatically connects using the information you put into the configuration.And this happens with both the old and the new router which works perfectly when I connected to someone elses connection.So, in summary, check out the dsl modem wan light connection when the signal drops.You have to login to the router and put in the encryption key EXACTLY how it is inside the router.I owned a linksys router that would disconnect ever few days and I would have to reboot the router and Clearwire modem evertime to get the connection back.I have yet to have a problem until the Compaq is on the internet.When he has lost connection he has just closed lid to go into standby mode for about 30 seconds or so and once logged back in, connected to network ok.Let me know how the 1 PC is doing on its own with the other one out of the picture.If I take off the security on the router the problem seems to go away.

When you are ready to use your laptop again at your home, just turn it back on and it will automatically reconnect to the Belkin.After it has been left unsecured if i then go back into router homepage and put the passkey back on it will work fine up until i close my laptop down.I know you want to get your problem resolved and I also want to get your problem resolved so what I am about to tell you is exactly what I would do if I were there at your location.Isolation and eliminating possible problems ONE at a time will lead you to the fix.I tried resetting my router and modem and it was fine for 5 mins.

Assuming all this is true, you need to leave your PC connected wirelessly for a few hours to see if your connection drops.There are no available ports in office area for hardwire connections.Once it erases, you will want to connect to your network using the password you have put in your router.